WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 is out

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So, WordPress 3.7 Beta is out, and there are 4 cool new features.   1. Automatic Background Update. So, until WordPress 3.6, whenever a security update was released, we had to manually update it. But its going to happen automatically from 3.7 onward. That is a boon for many developers! For those who don’t know,… Read more »

Basics of MVC with PHP

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The Model View Controller is a software architecture which separates the representation of the information from the user’s interaction with it. ┬áThe architecture, as the name suggests, contains 3 main components. viz. The Model, The View and The Controller. The Model The model is the component that holds all the business logic. The model is… Read more »

ORM’s and Why to use them?

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So there is this hype that ORMs are the┬ásolution to all your Data Access problems. They may not be the total solution but they sure make your Data Access easy. At a very high level: ORMs help to reduce the Object-Relational impedance mismatch. They allow you to store and retrieve full live objects from a… Read more »

Creating a Template Helper for CodeIgniter

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As discussed in the previous post, a better way to load a template is by using a helper function, which loads the header and footer (and any common partials) for each page. Here’s how our template helper will be. Save the above code to application/helpers/template_helper.php file. To use the helper, we do the following in… Read more »

Basic templating with CodeIgniter

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A general website can be divided into 5 parts Header Content Area Left Sidebar Right Sidebar Footer When developing in CodeIgniter, we often have these parts saved as separate views and load them each time a page is loaded, like in the code below: Although this is a good process, it is surely tedious for… Read more »