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So, WordPress 3.7 Beta is out, and there are 4 cool new features.


1. Automatic Background Update.

So, until WordPress 3.6, whenever a security update was released, we had to manually update it. But its going to happen automatically from 3.7 onward. That is a boon for many developers!

For those who don’t know, Security updates are the minor releases, like 3.6.1. Version 3.6 is a major release, but version 3.6.1 or 3.6.2 are minor releases, aka security releases. So, no need to worry about the website breaking down because of an automatic upgrade.

2. New Password Meter

WordPress now uses a new password meter, zxcvbn borrowed from Dropbox. I tested it out and the password meter is surely strong.

3. Better Relevant Search Results

Search has been a weak area for WordPress for quiet some time now. Now the core team has worked on Search to make it better. “Search results are now ordered by relevance” rather than just by date. So, when your keywords match just post titles and not just content, they’ll be pushed to the top.

4. Updated WP_Query

The last feature is the updated WP_Query which will provide options for more advanced queries based on Date. I am yet to test this.

If you want to test the Beta release, you can download it from here.

I’ve set up the new beta at to test out the new feautres. I’ll post about my tests soon.

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