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I and my friend Chandan Mishra started SudoSaints 2 years ago with a team of 5 people.. We have now grown to be a team of 15 people. And the journey from 5 to 15 is a journey that was not easy.

The main problem was, we just weren’t able to find talented people. We still aren’t able to find them. We constantly post on Social media about job openings, keep a look out for anybody with a knack for programming among our college juniors and friend circles, and a lot of other thing. But we just can’t get people with the skills we need.

Our requirements are usually simple and similar to what a lot of start-ups might need. We just need a good programmer who has little experience on either Android or PHP. That is it. Nothing too complex. We don’t mind if you don’t know all the concepts in android. As long as you are willing to pick up and put the effort, we’re good.

Here is how hiring has been for us till now.
1. We post details about the opening on various social media platforms and job portals.

2. We get about 20-30 applicants/resumes per day. Most of them with 2-3 months of experience and some certification from an institute like SEED Infotech, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing or MindScripts Technologies or other such institutes in Pune.

3. We select a few good ones among them. And call them for an interview. And this is what happens.
None of them have their basics of programming clear. A few of then had problems writing the syntax for a simple for loop (There are people who have studied 4 years of IT/Comp engg. and 6months-1Year of certification course in JAVA or Android).

The questions we ask in the first round are basic and simple. Below are few of them with answers.

Q. What is an Activity? (In the context of Android. The candidate had finished 2 months of his 3 months Android Course).
A. It is something we do or we perform.

Q. What is JSON?
A. All the candidates from SEED Infotech answered “JSON is an XML Parser”. And one of then said, “JSON is a tool that converts Website data to XML”.

Q. Difference between ObjectOverloading and ObjectOverriding.
A. They all tell the difference between Function Overloading and Function Overriding. They just know it by definition. No one knows what it is practically.
Very few of them realize that you cannot overload or override an Object.

There are a lot more. But this makes me really sad. If this is the actual status of education/teaching going on, you can’t expect that all the pass outs get a job.

And children just decided to join additional classes to learn programming and spend Lacs of rupees. And that really get them no where. The institutes are just money making schemes. They might have been good once upon a time. Butnow, all of their qualities have been degraded. And the students still believe them.

This is a problem that India needs to solve. With so many start-ups coming up, India needs skilled engineers/programmers. And colleges and training institutes are, in my opinion, not something we can bet on. There has to be a better way.

We need to teach students that the only way to learn something is to do it. Without doing, there is no learning.

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