Without doing, there is no learning

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I and my friend Chandan Mishra started SudoSaints 2 years ago with a team of 5 people.. We have now grown to be a team of 15 people. And the journey from 5 to 15 is a journey that was not easy. The main problem was, we just weren’t able to find talented people. We… Read more »

Don’t comment just for the sake of it

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In the coding world, developers are told they should always comment their code, but rarely are they told how to do so. And thus, comments are written just for the sake of it and not because the comment is needed. A lot of developers feel they are doing a great job by adding comments, regardless… Read more »

Don’t write spaghetti PHP! Use a framework instead!

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Despite of all the bad-mouthing that PHP gets, i personally think that PHP is super awesome. There might be a few issues in the documentation, some methods/functions that are completely useless, etc. But it surely is awesome. The reason why I think that non-PHP developers think PHP sucks is because of the stupid spaghetti code… Read more »

WordPress 3.8

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So, I just upgraded my blog to WordPress3.8. I loved the Admin panel. It has a full flat design. Something that the wordpress.com users had got a long time ago. But the New theme TwentyFourteen is really bad. Its probably the worst WordPress default i’ve ever seen, i mean looks-wise. TwentyThirteen was so awesome. The… Read more »

Creating a Chrome Extension

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An Extension is a simple way to add additional functionality to Chrome without diving into native Chrome Code. Creating an extension is super easy if your are familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. If you’ve ever done any web development or created any web page, you’ll feel at home while developing the Chrome Extension. I’ll take you through… Read more »

WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 is out

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So, WordPress 3.7 Beta is out, and there are 4 cool new features.   1. Automatic Background Update. So, until WordPress 3.6, whenever a security update was released, we had to manually update it. But its going to happen automatically from 3.7 onward. That is a boon for many developers! For those who don’t know,… Read more »

Basics of MVC with PHP

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The Model View Controller is a software architecture which separates the representation of the information from the user’s interaction with it. ¬†The architecture, as the name suggests, contains 3 main components. viz. The Model, The View and The Controller. The Model The model is the component that holds all the business logic. The model is… Read more »

ORM’s and Why to use them?

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So there is this hype that ORMs are the¬†solution to all your Data Access problems. They may not be the total solution but they sure make your Data Access easy. At a very high level: ORMs help to reduce the Object-Relational impedance mismatch. They allow you to store and retrieve full live objects from a… Read more »

Creating a Template Helper for CodeIgniter

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As discussed in the previous post, a better way to load a template is by using a helper function, which loads the header and footer (and any common partials) for each page. Here’s how our template helper will be. Save the above code to application/helpers/template_helper.php file. To use the helper, we do the following in… Read more »